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Why Choose Will Cook?

Will Cook should be your attorney because he has a potent mix of experience, savvy and compassion.  Will started his legal career at the Public Defender's Office in Memphis, Tennessee and later worked as a Prosecutor in Colorado Springs. He also worked for the Federal Government in the United States Department of the Interior. Through that experience he learned the ins and outs of how a prosecutor puts a case together.  He earned a reputation as an excellent trial attorney.  In private practice, Will continued to hone his skills as a trial attorney and continues to perfect his craft.  Knowing the ins and outs of the prosecution’s case allows him to dissect it as few other attorneys can.  Other attorneys marvel at his ability to persuade a jury to have compassion for his clients.  Will has prevailed in every type of criminal case with his unique combination of smarts, common sense and persuasion.  Call it Southern charm – call it compassion and credibility – Will works hard to allow juries to see the human side of his client, to focus on the facts in dispute, and to acquit.  You may find attorneys with cleaner desks, but you won’t find an attorney over whose desk has passed more difficult cases.  Will listens, Will investigates and then Will puts that information together to give his clients powerful themes to negotiate or litigate a way out of the criminal justice system.  Give Will a chance to earn his seat at the criminal defense table.  Call, text or e-mail him today!.

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